Genuine Tea

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Social Media Accounts: Twitter - @genuinetea, Instagram - @genuinetea,,

Primary Contact: Sarah Wilcox / David O'Connor, info(at)

Market Staff: David O'Connor & Sarah Wilcox

Description of their products: We sell 30+ varieties of premium loose leaf tea, iced and hot tea, infusers and brew pouches.

Information about the Company: David and I (Sarah) lived in Taiwan for 4 years and travelled to tea plantations across Asia to learn as much as possible about tea cultivation and processing. We formed lasting relationships with tea producers and now import the teas we fell in love with. We support small growers and have partnered with a non-profit in India teaching sustainable and organic farming to rural farmers. We are leading the 'Third Wave Tea' movement in Toronto and are helping to close the gap between the tea in your cup and the people who have dedicated their lives to producing it. Practices: We import our teas from small growers across Asia. The plantations use sustainable farming practices and pay their workers fair wages. All of our blends are made with natural ingredients and are certified organic.