Meadow Sweet Farms

Gormley, ON

Vendor Website:

Social Media Accounts: Twitter - @meadowsweetveg,

Primary Contact: Sandy Griffiths, info(at)

Market Staff: Sandy Griffiths &/or Mel Holmes

Description of their products: All our produce is Certified Organic. We sell - vegetables, meats (beef, pork, lamb), and honey.

Information about the Company: We are the closest Certified Organic farm to Toronto, making us the most 'Local' to the neighbourhood! We take pride in what we grow and are continually bettering our growing practices. Our Farm Stand will be open this season in June allowing people to come and visit and shop directly from the farm. Many enjoy seeing where their produce comes from and we are 25 minutes from there! Practices: Cover cropping, field rotation, we make our soil, lots of compost, hand picked, symbiotic relationship among all elements of our farm.