Osoleo Wildcrafters

Connaught, ON

Primary Contact: Dael Wilson, oso_dael(at)yahoo.com

Market Staff: Dael Wilson

Description of their products: We sell vegetables and fruits - Certified Organic apples and non certified apples, wild pears, strawberries, wild leeks, fiddleheads, possibly some organic peaches from beamsville if they are available this year. We sell prepared foods - wild leek and basil pesto, fruit pies and tarts all from 100% organic and local ingredients, and frozen and fresh fruit juices - apple, pear, cherry, and grape.

Information about the Company: We have more than 40 years experience in farm based food production in Ontario (ON). For over 60 years we have been, harvesting wild blueberries from our northern cottage wilderness home near Timmins, ON. We are the only wild blueberry collective selling direct at farmer's markets in the GTA. Based on traditional Ontario farm kitchen recipes, we offer from our own fruit and wild vegetables, baked and raw desserts and pesto and more, with the highest nutritional value and flavour. Our wild leek pesto is 100% local farm sourced, our pies and tarts are made only with our own fruit and 100% local ingredients. We are also make high quality organic fresh pressed fruit juice blends. Practices: 100% sustainable wildcrafting, Certified Organic.