Phoenix and Arnold Grass Fed Beef

Vendor Website:

Primary Contact: Jeff Arnold and Joel Phoenix, arnold.jeffrey1(at)

Market Staff: Jeff Arnold and Joel Phoenix

Description of their products: We sell beef - just frozen beef cuts, roasts, steaks, ground beef, stewing beef, braising ribs, bones and organs.

Information about the Company: Phoenix and Arnold Beef is a farming partnership between Joel Phoenix and Jeff Arnold. We are a small beef cattle operation with a herd currently of 70 head. We sell our beef directly to the customer, there is no middlemen. Our main principles of business are raising the animal humanely, offering high quality healthy beef to all, and the best customer service we can. We raise 100% grass fed cattle that live out in the open year round, and we use no drugs, antibiotics or hormones. The animals are never confined, drink from spring water sources, and are pastured on land that has never been cultivated or used for cropping (it is as natural as you will find). Our beef is also dry-aged for at least 2 weeks prior to butchering.  Practices: Sustainable Livestock Practice.