Red Fife by Rowe

Guelph, ON

Social Media Accounts: Twitter - @roweredfife, Instagram - @roweredfife,

Primary Contact: John Rowe/Samuel Rondan, roweredfife(at)

Market Staff: Sam, Jake and Kristopher

Description of their products: We sell - Red Fife organic whole grain past, blueberry whole grain muffins, fresh stone ground whole grain Red Fife flour, Red Fife cinnamon buns, and LFM organic veggie lasagna!

Information about the Company: This is Red Fife's first year at LFM but has been around for 6 years. As a farm and food business we are determined to make an impact in the way people think about food. We believe it is crucial for consumers to understand their relationship to food and their local farmers. We strive to educate consumers about a holistic model of food and how their choices influence every aspect from the environment, local agriculture and the economy, to healthier dietary choices. I am passionate about Red Fife because as a heritage grain that has not been modified it grows better under organic models of farming. Practices: We grow about Red Fife wheat organically then turn the field to pasture to rebuild the top soil and replenish the nutrients in it. We do not use fertilizers and pesticides.