Wafel Huis

Primary Contact: Jan Vandenbroeck, wafflebar(at)hotmail.com

Market Staff: Kenza and Jan Vandenbroeck

Description of their products: We sell the Mother of all waffles and Belgian style donuts, impaled on a skewer baked and fried on the spot, served with seasonal fruits. All the ingredients used are local from within a 100 mile range. The seasonal fruit is procured from a co-vendor at the market.

Information about the Company: We are the only company that brings sugar waffles to the market scene in Toronto. We take pride to be able to offer a unique specialty baked product to the market goers and have been doing so for the past 8 years. We provide double authenticity because we sell a real and rare Belgian sugar waffle (free of explosive additives) made by a real and rare Belgian! They are unique and exclusive to LVFM and BWFM only.